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Practical Applications of Multicriteria Decision–Making in Supply Chain

27 Eylül 2019 • Akademik


In a new complex and uncertain competitive landscape with characteristics of new forms of global competition, substantial continuous unpredictable often breakthrough change, rapid developments in technology, higher speed in decision–making processes and shorter product–life cycles, businesses need to have an intention to find the best alternative in all activities performed inside or outside. However, conventional techniques are not sufficient anymore to distinguish the best alternative among others due to higher level of subjectivity like halo effect, decision–makers’ own experience, intuition, overconfidence, etc. In addition, it should be noted that it costs a lot to take back a wrongful decision made due to the direct costs of the time spent on and those associated with engaging, monitoring, and correcting the mistakes as well as the indirect costs of loss in productivity, precision flexibility and quality, which contributes the crucial role decision-making process plays in business failures. Such a case requires a formal, systematic, rational and effective model integrating explicit criteria with analytical more precise techniques to overcome fuzzy, uncertain and incomplete information problem. Therefore, there is a need for a deeper understanding of a decision-making in a supply chain consisting of many businesses all around the world. This book adopts an integrated approach to provide a platform for scholars and practitioners to present some solutions to the real life multicriteria decision-making problems faced in a supply chain.


The purpose of this book is to provide a platform for researchers and scholars to discuss, to debate and to share their valuable ideas and to attract a number of high-quality research papers with both the theory and the application of Multiple Criteria Decision–Making (MDCM) methods in problematic areas of a supply chain, particularly in logistics. This special call holds a substantial potential to make significant contributions on advances in the MDCM literature from different operational and theoretical aspects, particularly in the logistics part of supply chain domain.

From the practical side, the chapters in this book will provide some useful insights to overcome modern challenges faced by practitioners in a supply chain. Thus, this special book will help better understanding the current multiple criteria approaches implemented in such a supply chain for the new industrial era.

Target Audience

This book is intended to serve young and novice researchers, management and operations scholars and students, beginners in the area of decision-making and practitioners of any supply chain, who face challenges in decision–making process. It is also expected to help as a guide to readers who would like to learn how to make effective decisions as well as to enhance their skills and knowledge.

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